Thursday, 19 January 2012

Clutter Free Forever - my mantra

Clutter! I've been catching up on my emails and Blogs that I like to follow and that's what has popped up - clutter is my word of the day.

And I am bogged down with  the clutter stuff - I'm a hoarder, one of those people who keep things because:

  • one day I'm going to read this ... or do this ... or use this
  • I might still need this ...

and of course, my favourite:
  • you never know when it will come in handy.

Oh those "you never know's" and those "one day" words constantly used by me. Recognize any of this in you?
It's been on my mind to finally let stuff go, make room for new stuff!  
Synchronicity is telling me to de-clutter!  

And here is what has motivated me to spend this coming weekend sorting the clutter.
It's always a smiley moment opening my email from MORNING COFFEE to see what gorgeous arty pictures and coffee cups and mugs are going to appear - and these were the first words I read:

by Jane Powell 
“It’s a new day and a new attitude.”
When you throw things away you can expect feelings of guilt to creep in. Why? Because you wonder if you’re making a mistake – God forbid you may need it later.
 The truth is, you’re not making a mistake and secondly you can rest assured you won’t throw away anything that is essential in your life.
Remember that you are in the process of adopting a new attitude. 
You don’t need clutter in your life. Clutter is a prison wall, an iron fence, a ball and chain, blocking you from the energy you need and that you so much deserve.
It’s a new day and the perfect time to set sail with a new attitude. “Clutter Free Forever” is your new mantra.

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Morning Coffee is an insightful inspiring read including fabulous contributions by Ralph Marsten. And the artwork is so uplifting and beautifully done - always a cup of coffee illustrated in nostalgic happy artwork!  Subscribe and see for yourself - the link is above.

Next was an inspiring post from Claire Maguire  - take a look at her blog; thought provoking ideas on health and food and some e Courses that look really interesting.  "Dr Claire Maguire is a motivational lifestyle coach, speaker and passionate foodie who inspires people around the world to step out and be the STAR of their life".  
We should be the star of our own life shouldn't we?
For I know in my heart what I wish to achieve this coming year but I’m not in a state to write it out into a plan. The reason being I’m surrounded by clutter from the holiday season. From people visiting, the kids new stuff from Christmas, the kids being at home and so on. And what I find is that when I’m surrounded by clutter I cannot think straight.

And in what Claire wrote - there it is again - Clutter!

It's so true - how can I dream and think and plan if there is no space?  I'll be de-cluttering this weekend; it's about half way through January, so I'll be ready for the rest of the year.

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