Sunday, 1 January 2012

1st January 2012 -a new day and a new year ........ 

what will 2012 bring I wonder?

Listening to the news and reading various blog posts it could bring doom .. gloom, lots of the same old negativity and fear, pestilence and famine - oops I'm scaring myself here!

 (And if you're stressed after reading that, go immediately to and read my Lens Stress Buster Recipe to feel better). 

If thoughts create the world we live in, then I'm going to focus on the positive; there are so many wonderful things to be grateful for - just being alive is a great start don't you think?

Reading some awesome Blog posts written by amazing people on this first day of 2012, has made me feel inspired, motivated, calm, happy and hopeful - a truly divine state to be in and one I'm going to try to cultivate this year.  So a big thank you to these wonderful writers from me.  

Closure on 2011, plan and inspire yourself for your best year ever in 2012 is what many are saying -offering tutorials, e Books and freebies on the subject.
  • Let's Radiate (I love Michelle's latest blog ... make that habit stick in 2012; work sheets to down load, lots of business and techie tips; I'm always learning something).
  • Earth Empress (wow a fabulous blog and beautiful messages every week.  Shakaya Leone's book Naked Beauty is on my Wish List!)
    VedaSun inhale ~ enjoy ~ exhale - aromatherapy. Gina Rafkind is an holistic anxiety coach and has a lovely blog. Check out her Anxiety Busting Challenge for January.
Please let me know what you think ......

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