Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Russell James - The Raw Chef emailed me a link to "12 Days to Raw Christmas" Giveaway.  I'm always looking for Raw Recipes to add to my Tried and Tested in the kitchen of Barbs @ Synchronicity House Collection.  It's so wonder-ful that creative artists everywhere are willing to share their inspirations with us all.  
Being the chocoholic that I am - raw chocolate I mean, especially my own magical tasting recipe - whenever I see "raw chocolate recipes", I'm immediately hooked!

So, I've just signed up to the special "12 Days to Raw Christmas" Giveaway just launched by Karen Knowler.
Every day for 12 days, between 14th and 25th December, she's sending out a special raw-related gift from a different raw food expert, COMPLETELY FREE!
There's going to be masses of delicious raw food recipes for Christmas, raw chocolate recipes, detox and fasting ideas for pre- and post- Christmas and Karen's gift on the 25th is going to be something very special. ........ and there are those three magical words - raw chocolate recipes
To make sure you get the gifts too, simply go to http://www.12DaysofRawChristmas.com and sign-up 
Let me know what you think!

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